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Crutching for a Cause

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Sport: Roller Derby

Name: Rachel Martinez

Derby name: Ten Gauge Rachel Rage

Number: 245

Location: Visalia, CA. USA

League: V-Town Derby Dames

Position: Blocker


How long have you been involved? June 2010

Riding Style:
Skate fast and skate hard

Favorite Tricks:
Backward skating with a hip check

Favorite Place To Skate: Santa Monica Boardwalk to Venice Beach Trail

Favorite Quotes: Roller Derby saved my soul

Have you ever been injured ?:
Yes. Two broken fingers on left hand , fractured tailbone, and torn ATFL (left ankle).


Favorite Pretty Hurt Product: Zebra print Crutches

Favorite Band: Korn, David Guetta and Amy Winehouse

Favorite accomplishments both on and off the track: Started at 36-yrs old and could barely skate one lap around the track. Now I am able to skate 27 laps = 1 mile under five minutes.


Stink Out


The Law Office of Chris White

Lucky Eddie Uniforms & Clothing

Robin McGeHee (Get Equal)

Fresno LBGT Community Center

Fresno Fresbians

Gay Fresno

Indulgence Fresno

North Tower Circle (James Hensley and Chris Jarvis)

Scott Levy Law Firm

International Derby Officials' Organization (IDOO)

Jett Blaqk Tattoo's

Glen Bernhart Video Productions

Fowler P.A.W.S (Precious Animals Worth Saving)

Who You Would Like To Thank:

All my fans, friends, family and sponsers who’ve supported me with my adventure in roller derby.