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Crutching for a Cause

crutcheze Combo Deal

Adam Denny

Adam DennyAlias: Adam Bomb

: 24

: Seal Beach, California

: Kiteboarding and Surfing

Riding Style
: Lit Up. Wake Style and Strapless Surfboards


Stance: Goofy and sometimes I push Mongo.

Favorite Tricks
: If getting barrelled is a trick then I definitely like that. I also love everything about throwing Hoochie Glides to Blind.

Favorite Place To Ride:
Locally: Seal Beach & Surf Side. On road trips: Waddell Creek & Sherman Island. Internationally: Aruba, Puerto Rico, and with out a doubt Abre Ojos!!!


Favorite Co Pilots: James, Mitch, Adrian, Jon, Dodger, Kike, the whole Caution Crew and all the homies.

Other Sports
: Surfing, Towsurfing, Wakeboarding, Wakeskating and Skateboarding.

How Did You Get Hurt:

I was on a Snowkiting trip in Sky Line Utah to get some good riding with friends and family and photos for one of my old sponsors. We drove all night from Seal Beach to Utah and arrived at a snow mobile rental shop to try to rent some snowmo's so we could explore and get to sick spots. I was waiting in the parking lot of the snow mobile shop and a guy driving a big truck pulling a snow mobile trailer fully turned right into me crushing my knee in between the trailer and a large wooden crate. Most painful thing that ever happened to me, my knee was dislocated really bad and tibia fractured. Long story short an ambulance rushed me to the hospital, had knee surgery, and now have super painful nerve pains from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). PRETTY HEAVY!!!

Favorite Pretty Hurt Product:
Super hard for me to choose hahaha.... Usually I would step back and take a look at all my crutches lined up and then grab a pair. But if I have to pick one it would be the Orange Adam Bomb Grenade Crutches with the bottle opener. The rasta ones are super sick too.

Other Interests
: I like to fingerpaint, photography and editing videos.

Favorite Band
: Some of LBC's legends like Sublime and Snoop Dogg.


Favorite Quotes: "One second your paddling for your life and dropping in on a wave with a monster face...the next your trapped in a washing machine with an ice dream headache." -me

"Dont you compare me because they're ain't nobody near me.. they don't see me but they hear me..they don't fear me but they feel me." - weezy

"Its not the hand that your dealt but how your playing your cards." - unknown

"Some people throw tantrums, I throw mind to blind."

"No nuts No glory."

: Body Glove, Caution Kites, Ride Lit Creations, Pretty Hurt and Da Surf House.


Who You Would Like To Thank: My family, especially my mom. All my friends that have been there for me through all this gnarly stuff. For sure Cookie and Sam. Dr. Nancy Sajben who is always on top of her game. Just thinking about the progress I have made from last year to this year is pretty much miracle status and it was all possible because of her. Lastly I would like to thank my sponsers, they are the best in the world.